Howto control fanspeeds using the LEDC-component?

Newbie on ESPhome here, working on my first project.

I want to ESPhome to control the speed of my fan using a temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is a Dallas-sensor.

Given a certain range, for example 20 to 50 degrees, I want the fan to speed up. Below 20 degrees the fan needs to be stopped, and the closer the temperature gets to 50 degrees, the faster the fan needs to go.

I have PWM fans, so the LEDC component (and an ESP32) looks awesome for this.

However, how can I control the fan speed within the temperature range?

I have the sensor programmed and working and of course the LEDC-component. But how do I connect them?

  - platform: dallas
    address: 0x74030297944C1128
    name: "DBE Bart Links Temp"
    id: temp

  - platform: ledc
    pin: GPIO19
    id: gpio_19

Did you see what has to offer? Also this might be useful in this case.

Another option is on_value for the sensor. on_value will be called for every change in the sensor value. Then the code underneath on_value would use turn-on, turn off, or set_level calls to gpio_19. If you know c++ probably easier to code in a lambda section.