Howto create battery alert without creating a template for every device


Hey everyone, I’m new to Home Assistant, so please be gentle with me.

I’m trying to get a battery level for Everspring ST812 flood sensors. I have these sensors configured and working with the WaterCop zwave water valve, but I don’t see any way to get battery status.

I am confused by NotoriousBDG Update battery_alert.yaml package requirement for mqtt. Will this package work with zwave device battery levels, or just mqtt devices?


There’s a bit of a gap between these two instructions:
5. Restart Home Assistant

  1. Adjust Min Alert Threshold slider

What slider? where?


This one…


Please disregard. I’ve re-discovered something… the code is self documenting :slight_smile:

Sorry for spamming your development thread.

This package is perfect and is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’m still way behind the curve in understanding how all this works, but it’s going to be a fun learning process.


I am currently testing this package, as it sounds promising. One thing I added, and wanted to document because this might be relevant for others, is making sure that my Xiaomi Aqara sensors battery level is also picked up. In the Jinja2 for automation ‘update_battery_status_group_members’ I’ve added
or 'battery_level' in item.attributes | lower
because these sensor report ‘battery_level’.
Now my sensors get populated to the group members, but the overview shows (obviously) still the values of the sensor, and the the value of the battery_level. Can I fix this, or do I need to set up ‘battery-level’-sensors?


Would love to use this! However I am using a mqtt (mosquitoo) broker already which have the prefix set to smartthings. How can I have both home assistant and smartthings as prefix? Or wont I be able to use this unless I skip smartthings?


Can you please tell me how I add this to on Hass.OS. I did read through the thread but must have missed it.



There should be no issue in sending messages from both SmartThings and home assistant to mqtt broker, you just need to subscribe to the correct messages.


EDIT: I found it. There was a post up higher that said it needed a state change to show up. I triggered the lock, and it showed up. Great stuff.

Thanks All.

I have an issue I can’t figure out. I have two zwave locks connected through Vera.

battery_level: 80
Vera Device Id: 11
friendly_name: Apartment Door

battery_level: 80
Vera Device Id: 14
friendly_name: Kitchen Door

My issue is that only the Kitchen door is showing up in the Battery Sensor group. Any idea why only one would show up?


this works great for me.

how could a create a new sensor template similarly but for binary sensor trigger to ‘on’ state? i’m trying to build the same type of notification but telling me which door or window sensor went to the ‘on’ state

in my case all my binary sensors are door window, so i’m trying to understand how to just pull all of them similarly to this rather than manually map each one


my challenge with vera was the iHA device id is a combination of the name and vera id.

like binary_sensor.front_door_123
for a motion sensor named “front door” with the sub attribute vera id being 123

also i noticed HA doesn’t like when a vera device has a space before the name. in HA it shows as sensor._name_123, which HA would throw an error saying the domain state is unsafe if i tried to use the device in an automation.

i went into vera and removed the space before the name, saved, let vera reload it’s engine and then restarted HA and now the device shows up as sensor.name_123 and HA is happy


Hey guys,
How do we remove the notify services that we don’t want to use?



Yes, or just comment them out


So I finally had one of my batteries drop below the level I set. Everything worked perfectly. Notifications and all. I put new batteries in the device today though and the battery sensor has not updated so I keep getting the same notifications. I have a modified version as I don’t use MQTT to generate the sensors. Any ideas @NotoriousBDG?


Does anyone have any idea how to do this?


Would it be possible to post this non-MQTT version?


It is just the regular version minus the two mqtt automations. It works very well except for updating the battery sensors. I don’t think there is a trigger to update them outside of a Home assistant restart.

If I, or someone else, could figure that part out, it would be very beneficial for me.


Im seeing potential errors from the package in my installation - errors originally raised at Error doing job: Task exception was never retrieved - TypeError

Any suggestions on where to start investigating?


Ha ha ha…I get that error also. Had no idea where it was coming from. Get it at every start-up


hi @NotoriousBDG

Thanks for your battery sensor package, I 'm using the latest version from your github (v1.1.2)
Very easy to add to my home assistant and It’s working well.