Howto setup RFXCOM + Temperature sensor Auriol AFT 77 A1

Hi all,

I’m trying to monitor the temperature sensor Auriol AFT 77 A1 link bought in Lidl, thru my rfxcom pro xl device.

As per rfxtrx user guide, there’s no specific reference to this particular model, but other ones from Auriol are supposed to work with Rubicson protocol, so i’ve enabled that one as well just to have a try.

Unfortunately it didn’t work (reason why i’m asking for help here now :-))

Honestly don’t have too much expertise with rfxcom (i was able to setup my somfy awnings together with HA, but that’s all), so donno what to try next to conclude whether this temperature sensor is supported or not.

Any tooltip will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


Hello, i want to do the same, did you succeed to do something?

I’m afraid nope :frowning:

It’ll be awesome to finally manage to integrate it, but i dont have the knowledge to find it out