HP iLo integration logging in 40 times a minute & generating thousands of DNS queries


I recently configured the iLO on my HP Microserver Gen8 (which hosts my HA install on a VM), and so I configured the HA integration for iLO as I thought it would be cool to see various sensors (like temperature).
When I recently upgraded my pi-hole (my local DNS) I noticed that there were tens of thousands of DNS lookups coming from the iLO, and what it’s turned out to be is that every time HA logs into iLO it does a reverse DNS lookup on the source IP. This is fine, and I now have the DNS caching that locally with a PTR record, but still HA is logging in and out of iLO around 40 times a minute.

Is there any way that I can configure the frequency that it logs in, or is it literally logging in & out for each sensor every time it checks it?

Any advice appreciated!



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Did you happen to find a solution? I see the same issue on my adguard instance. 3M rev-DNS requests coming from iLO already :smiley: