HTML5 notifications stopped working

My html5 notifications stopped working about a couple weeks ago, haven’t had a chance to look at it until now, did something change at google? I am not sure when it stopped working, but it may have been when I upgraded to debian 10 (hass is running in docker), but not 100% sure on the timeline.
I tried deleting the html5_push_registrations.conf, and readding the browsers, tried starting over using all steps at and , still nothing, no errors in HA.
If I check my googlexxxx.html file at /googlexxxx.html I get google-site-verification: googlexxxx.html, so I am still verified.

Try troubleshooting steps at site below

Chrome://gcm-internals will show if your browser is connecting to push server and can show messages

Maybe also try establishing connection from device that has never connected