Http endpoint node

Hi all

I have been trying to get a http endpoint node working. I use Xoema as my cctv system and was trying to work out how to get a motion detected by a camera into node red. Xoema has the ability to fire a http request so I was trying to play with a http node in node-red.

So if I login to node-red running on my rpi I use the url and name password to authenticate.

So in the url part of the node I put /hello

and then try to login into
It asks for the usual login dtails and I use the same username and password I use to loginto node-red as in the above but it keeps telling me its wrong.

So what am I missing?

Found it. HAve to use the HTTP password as set in the config. Now to set up some motion detection in the Xoema system and see what I can do