Hello, I only have my HAI in the local network and do not access it over the Internet. Is it still advisable to use SSL -> HTTPS? Is HTTP sufficient in your own network?

What’s your opinion?

You do not need ssl for your own lan.

Deoends on wheter you trust the devices in your local network or not :stuck_out_tongue:

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Keep it simple.

I recently switched to all encrypted traffic on my LAN and XBee Zigbee nodes, and moved all 3rd party IOT devices to a separate VLAN. It wasn’t a trivial effort :wink:

I agree that if you don’t worry about the concept of zero trust on your home local network:

Keep it simple.

If you want to learn how full encryption of traffic can be achieved (including MQTT) then it is a weekend project. You will learn a lot for sure.

In my opinion (no offence OP), if someone asks whether to use HTTP or HTTPS for a local network, learning how full encryption of traffic works needs way more time than a weekend has hours.

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Thank you for your feedback.

I think keeping it simple is the best solution. (KISS)

However, one should deal with the topic in order to understand it or to try it out once.

And yes, network technology and encryption is not just a weekend project. That takes more.


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