Https AND http methods to login

I’ve started getting a message from the reolink integration because my HA is setup with a certificate and works with HTTPS. This is because most modern browsers seem to default to this and the lock moans irritated me. Alas though reolink cannot talk to this so it is telling me to add an HTTP address.

Is there anyway to have both? It seems to be one or the other?

The only way to do it is to use a reverse proxy server to handle SSL.

I am actually doing that for the SSL already using HA, not on the HA box though, I do it on my router.

Then if you don’t have any ssl lines in your http: config, ensure you’ve set your internal (local) and external (remote) addresses in HA.

Got it working with SSL going through the HAProxy and HA still working fine and letting the REOlink work fine :slightly_smiling_face: