Https GET on the ESP8266

Is there some secret to getting SSL / HTTPS requests on the ESP8266? I tried the examples on the website. I also tried using the Arduino IDE to make requests. I tried different websites to see if it was a site-specific issue. I checked my router and there was no issue there. I tried setting the SSL specific compile flags explicitly and that made no difference. I made sure esp8266_disable_ssl_support was set to false (even though that’s the default value).

I tried different platforms and got the same result on a ESP12-F and a WROOM 02.

When I look at the network traffic using a packet capture program I see that the packets coming from the 8266 are not TLS.

Does anyone have a working example of an ESP8266 making a https get request that they can share?

Could you share the relevant yaml (p)art of your not working example?

Does it include verify_ssl: false?