Hue Light Groups ... sometimes they all come on ... sometimes not so much

Does anyone else experience inconsistensies with Hue groups of lights? When I turn the group on or off most of the time they all go on (or off) as a group. But about 10-20% of the time, some of the lights do not go on or off. With a group of 4 lights (I am using officiall Phillips Hue BR 30 bulbs) I see anywhere from 1 - 3 bulbs not all go on (or off) with the switching of the group.



Yep. I wish it was more stable

In my case sometimes after turning off, some lights go on by themselves after a minute or so

LOL - glad it’s not just me. Very frustrating!

But I think it happens only on groups.
Probably turning off 2+ hue lights together is too quick for the bridge?

I will use automation to turn off not simultaneously.

You know if delay can be set for less then 1 second?

Same here.

Delay is a good idea, please let us know how it goes. Yes, I believe you can use milliseconds as well.

Or the other option could be to make the groups in the Philips Hue Bridge and use those groups in HA.

How you do a GROUP on the HUE Bridge?
Currently I have a ROOM in the Hue Bridge
Chandelier one
Chandelier two
Chandelier three
Ceiling left
Ceiling right
Iris (a hue iris)

In HASS i have
group Livingroom (all living room lights)
group chandelier (the 3 chandelier lights)
group.ceiling (the 2 ceiling lights)

I have some 30 Hue lights in different groups and I never experience any problems since I bought an extra bridge and spread the lights over 2 different bridges.

There are multiple ways to do that. You can simply open the Hue app on your phone, make groups and HA will recognize those groups, showing them as lights. E.g. I have a group called “bedroom”, including multiple lamps, in ha, this is “light.bedroom”.

You can also creat groups via API. Everything is explained here in detail: