Hue lights aren't usable in zha for me

Three weeks ago I’ve moved all my devices from the hue and aqara hubs to ZHA and the range and reaction time of all devices have been greatly improved!

However, the behavior of Hue lights in ZHA is giving me lots of problems in daily use since then, causing me to want to go back to the old situation. I’m hoping there is a solution for the problems I’m experiencing, since these feel like basic things that should just work with any zigbee integration.

  1. Grouped devices are not all turning on or off;
    I’ve got about 12 hue lights outside, divided into two light groups. When turning on a group, a random number of lights turn on, or all of them turn on but only half of them update their status. I’ve tried creating a zigbee group for these lights, but I’m unable to add all the lights to a group. Every time a different light refuses to be added to the group, without any status message.

  2. Status changes are way too slow. Even after the latest update which introduced the polling behavior.
    I’ve got two hue lights and a motion sensor on my stairs. If I walk past the sensor, both lights are turned on. When the sensor untrips after two minutes, both lights turn off. This is working. However, home assistant sometimes thinks one of the lights is still on, causing the group to be as ‘on’ as well, so if motion is detected within the next few minutes, the light won’t turn on again. This happens with light groups and zigbee groups.

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Im using Hue lights in ZHA i use the light group not zigbee groups i got 3 light in one group 99% of the time they work fine.

Zigbee groups work for me but as youve said because of the polling is set to 5 minutes they dont work right as once the group is switched on it switches itself back off thinking all the light are still off. I’d have thought this could be fixed with software as it knows what lights are in that group so it should update all status to on.

ZHA is a bit up and down most of the time it works flawlessly but lately i keep getting little issues here and there which irritates me now ive got a ikea blind was working fine but now when you first try to do anything with it there is a massive delay before it starts doing anything, before was instant.

Even the 5 minutes polling thing doesn’t seem to fix all of my problems.

Take for example my garden lights; 6 lights in a HA light group (not a ZHA group yet), which are turned on at sunset, and turned off at sunrise. One single light.turn_on or _off command to the group, no other commands in between.

This morning, only a single light turned off, the rest of them is still on and had to be turned off manually. But if I turn off the light group, it just jumps back on and only one of the 5 lights in the group went from on to off. Now I have to wait for up to 5 minutes to see which lights did actually turn off.

Have more and more issues now I have 2 groups of 2 lights and an other light on its own in each room so 3 lights in 2 rooms.

Turning them on and off sometimes 1 light out of the three will stay on when turned off etc really annoying was pretty stable before working 99% of the time now I’d say this is down to 70%

Exactly the same case over here; some lights and groups always work and then they just don’t for about a week, before returning to normal behavior, but everything that is triggered by a motion detector and needs to turn on and off in a minute or two behaves quite flakey unfortunately.