Hue Lights duplication after update to 0.35.x

Hi guys,

Not sure if anyone else has seen the the same issue but after the update from 0.34.5 some of my lights on the hue are duplicated. If I switch on one of the lights the duplicate will replicate on the slider to the same state.

Nothing in the logs that is obvious to the bug.

Bugs should be reported here:

I don’t see duplicate lights, but my (Hue app) light groups show up as lights in HA.
I’ll open a bug report…


Edit: Here we go…

I was anoyed by it beacuse some groups had the same name as the light. so the config. was al fucked up, changed all the names in the hue app with the addition: group: and now all is shown as


Ok… Just for those still a bit confused why the group are showing up as lights and want to hide them should add an entry in customize. This is not a bug. Example below:


light.bedroom_2: # Hue Group
  hidden: true
light.girls_room_2: # Hue Group
  hidden: true