Hue lights randomly being switched on?

Hi all, apologies if a dumb question - would appreciate any help.

edit: TL;DR Is there a detailed log to show me who/what called a service?

I have HA + Hue integration and my lights are being randomly switched on in the evening. I can’t figure it out - there’s no automations, no time based scenes, etc.

When I look in the logbook I see this: “Living room turned on triggered by service light.turn_on” - Living room an area which has two hue lights attached to it, both of them turned on.

So I did a bit of digging:

  1. When I toggle lights from Google Home app or from the Hue app, logbook entry says: “Living room turned on”
  2. When i toggle lights from HA, logbook entry says “Living room turned off triggered by service xyz” (depending on which service I use), and it also lists the HA user that did it

So I think i got to the point of understanding that something in HA is turning my lights on in the evening, but I can’t figure out what - any help would be much appreciated.


I’m guessing the user is you? Then it’s strange. Maybe change your password an log off everywhere. To be sure no one is messing with you.