Hue lights suddenly go to 100% brightness


Since about 3-4 weeks my hue lights suddenly go to 100% brightness after some hours. I don’t know why. That is a big problem, because I mainly use dem as night lights (usually lower than 10% brightness).

I am using a hue bridge via hue integration. The configuration was working for nearly 2 years without problems. Something has changed.

Anyone out there with same problems?

Often it is a power surge that makes the bulbs go to their configured “state for power return after power failure”.
This is a setting that is configured in the bulbs themself.
The Hue app can be used to set this setting.

I did not change this setting. They are all set to return to last state after power loss.

What does the logbook show when this happens?

As a sidenote, I have about a dozen hue bulbs also using the hue bridge and integration and haven’t had any similar issues.