Hue Motion Sensor

Im trying to set up an automation that triggers on Motion in my kitchen if i ever need a Midnight Lemonade Drinker.

I have it set up like so:

  • Motion
  • Sun below horizon
  • After 10pm
  • Both Lights are off
    Activate: Light Scene (Red Slow Fade up)

This works All works

But i would like to turn them off (Fade out) after 30 seconds after last motion.
I did set up another automation to do this but and here is my problem.

I haven’t found away to connect the automations so i get some scenerios if im up late with the lights on then all of a sudden the light turn off as it has not detected motion.

Anyone got any ideas of how to only turn them off after motion if they where activated by motion?

Make an input_boolean and turn it on as part of your midnight lemonade automation. Then use the state of that boolean in a condition in the “turn off” automation (along with turning the input_boolean off in the action).

I am interested in this automation. Can you forward me the build and inform me how you have built the sunset.