Hue Motion with Deconz missing the lightlevel attribute?

Hi Forum,
I’ve recently moved some of my Hue motion sensors from the Hue hub to Deconz in order to increase the response time - Deconz is way faster when motion is detected to the actual state changes in HA, than Hue…

But, now I’m missing the lightlevel of these motion sensors in Deconz - why and how to fix this? The Phoscon interface also indicates 0 lux in the value and hasn’t changed for 4 weeks now.
With Hue this just worked perfectly?

Anyone has a fix for this? :thinking:

I am not near my PC at the moment, but I think from memory, I use a template sensor that grabs it from the DeConz REST API

I’ll confirm when I am back

Thank you! Would be very nice to see! :slight_smile:

Here’s a screenshot of the Rest API… Indicating that the motion sensor aren’t transmitting any information regarding the light level? Or am I wrong?

Interestingly, my memory was wrong :slight_smile:

It is in the integrations under DeConz:

So in my instance the Hue Motion sensors have a lux level.

They are a different ‘sensor’ though in the API to the motion itself?

Hope this helps


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Sounds to me that the device hasnt been paired proudly or it is faulty