Hue scenes turn on as dynamic scenes


I’m running on 2021.12.10. Since a while, I noticed that when activating a Hue scene the scene activates as a dynamic scene, i.e. changing colors over time.

Is there a way to prevent that and have the scene only activated as a “classic” static scene?
To my knowledge, there is no official support for dynamic scenes in the Hue integration, yet.


Just upgraded and getting the same thing, ever scene triggers the dynamic scene. I expect it must be a bug

Hi, I´m a brand new HA user. Just started two days ago and that is also my first finding :slight_smile: so would be happy if there is a solution for that. I tried to save the scenes as a fresh one. Did not change anything. If I select the Hue Scene from the HUE app or the iConnect HUE app, it behaves as expected. Activating it from the HA it starts with the correct setup and then the lights turn into white after a short timeframe.