Hue Switches stop working after reboot

I’ve recently switched to using Home Assistant to control my LIFX lights via Hue Dimmer Switches.

I’ve configured this using a conbee ii usb stick and the ZHA integration to connect to the dimmer switches.

Overall, I’m really happy with the new setup as the lights turn on instantly and now I’ve even set it up so that the dimmer buttons work by actually increasing and decreasing the brightness - super impressive compared to using HomeKit to do it through the Philips hub which was slow, sometimes taking 10+ seconds to respond and did not support stepping up/down brightness.

I’ve currently got everything running on a fully updated raspberry os with docker based home assistant running and conbee ii usb stick.

I’ve only got one issue, after rebooting the rpi or restarting the home assistant docker the switches stop working. The only way to get them to work is to go into my home assistant automations and edit one of the existing automations for a switch and save it. After saving it, all the switches in the house work again. Is there anyway to get the switches to just work after reboot without this workaround?

Same problem here , any update ?