Hue transitiontime limit

I set an automation recipe to wake me up with the hue lights and I set the transition time to half an hour (1800 seconds). I found that the transition time was capped to 900 seconds (lines 211 and 250 in

Is there a reason for this cap? I did not see anything in the hue api that says it should not be larger than that.

I remember that this used to be the max that Hue could do but I can’t find anything about that now. Try removing the cap locally and see if it works with Hue.

I increased the cap and it worked for 1800 seconds. I could try higher numbers as well but I guess there is no other limit than the uint16 that stores the value.

Okay, I will remove the cap in the next version of HA.

You could also increase it to 65536 just to avoid an overflow if someone tries to set a very long transition time.