Humidity From Sensi Smart Thermostat

I have a sensi smart thermostat that I’m pulling into HA via HomeKit. This then appears as a generic thermostat with sensors for heat mode, current/target temp etc.

The device itself has a humidity sensor and this data appears in the official Sensi app, so I know it exposes it. However, it does not appear as a state attribute or sensor in HA.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

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I also have the same thermostat and notice the same thing. If the phone app sees the humidity, it must be there. Sure would be nice to have it available for Home Assistant.

My guess is that the humidity is exposed only via some internal API and not via homekit

Update: I installed SmartThings and it does show the humidity. I did have to create a Nabu Casa Account which gives 30 day trial. In the Template editor I did this:
SmartThings Sensi says Temp = {{ state_attr(“climate.modine_heater”,“current_temperature”) }}°F
SmartThings Sensi says Humidity = {{ state_attr(“climate.modine_heater”,“current_humidity”) }}%
and it does retrieve the values.
#1 I’d like to set up SmartThings without the cloud.
#2 Currently trying to get these values to display on the dashboard.

So, Sensi exposes the humidity via SmartThings, but not via HomeKit?


You can give this a try - GitHub - iprak/sensi: HomeAssistant integration for Sensi thermostat


Does that API used in your code require remote / non-local internet access to work?

No, it still talks to the Sensi server.