Hunter Node-BT Integration (irrigation controller)

Hi all,

Does anyone managed to integrate any of the Hunter Node-BT series controllers with HA?

By the way, I’m looking for a irrigation system controller that I can integrate with HA and automate it, so if you know of any other options that won’t make me sell a kidney to get it, please let me know. It’s for a single (grass) zone, nothing very elaborated, just wanted to be able to automate it, or at least control it remotely without needing to be present and go re-program the controller manually.

Thanks in advance


Hi All,

With the new Bluetooth integration for Home Assistant this would be great. Myself using the Hunter BTT 201 Bluetooth.

Anyone looking at this with the new focus on Bluetooth capability?

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Would be keen for this as well but don’t have the skill for the coding

+1 here. This would be awesome :slight_smile:

Hello! Chiming in on this old thread to say I’m interested too. I have four Hunter BTT100 to water the plants in my apartment balconies and the app is a pain. The battery lasts about six months, but since the units are timed to water at 5am daily, I only notice when they’ve been dead several days and the plants look dry. They also have a tendency to reset every few weeks and turn off their watering cycle, but each of them resets at a different and unpredictable rate. It’s a pain to walk around with the app every day, connecting to them in turn and confirming their status – and skipping this to find out via dry plants isn’t great either.

I am comfortable coding in Python to make an integration that takes over monitoring (incl. via Bluetooth relays), but have not worked with Bluetooth before. I assume the protocol can be decoded but don’t know where to start. Anyone have ideas?

I’ve found Bluetooth sniffers for BLE, but these devices don’t use BLE AFAIK. Can I log Bluetooth packets from the app on my phone (found something about this feature being introduced in Android 4.4, but don’t know if it’s available with modern Android). Maybe I need to use an Android emulator so I can log packets from the VM?

I’ll update here if I find some leads.


This seems to be the only thread talking about Hunter-Node-Bt

Any updates?

I would also like to see this integration.
I’m using BTT201 and its a terrible BT app that can be upgraded with HA

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I’ve had no luck with sniffing the Bluetooth traffic, unfortunately. All leads appreciated.