HUSBZB-1 Gocontrol by Nortek backup /migration to a new setup

Currently, I have a nuc generation 7 running HA only with HUSBZB-1 for zwave and zigbee integration. I bought new samsung nvme 970 evo plus and I am planning to install Proxmox on it then migrate my HA server to it. I will also move the HUSBZB-1 stick to a powered hub to minimize the heat on the nuc. I made full backups of the HA to my google drive and as well to my local pc drive.
I would be thankful if anyone can guide me ( I am still a noob and just recently migrated form ST) how to backup my zwave network and zigbee network devices. I am not quite sure if the full backup of the HA will be enough to accomplish that and I just dont want to redo all the pairing again of every device. Also, will moving the HUSBZB-1 stick to a powered usb hub affect the path in the configuration?
Thank you in advance!