Hyper-V Instalation Fails After a Day with "Retrying Setup: Modem did not respond to connection request"

So I installed this in Hyper-V in Windows 10 and it sorta worked for a day… at least I saw the Hub and a smattering of devices that were attached to my Insteon system (3 switches) lost 3 videos and another light switch. I have rebooted everything multiple times and it still does not work. Seems like several others have had this on other installs. I can still see the Hub and three switches as devices.

Should I just cut my losses and give up or will this eventually allow me to see all my devices and the hub… do I need the Hub to attach more devices… I tried to attached via the buttons another switch to the Hub and it did not show up.

On my IP scanner I can only see the Hub and not any of the other devices except the cameras that show up as: Shenzhen cameras.

Give up???