I am pretty sure the answer is no, but

I have an ESP device that I want to change the name OTA. Is there a secret sauce I am unaware of to do this, or should I plan to dismantle the device to plug in a UART and flash it over USB?

I saw in the next version of esphome there is a rename available, I haven’t looked into, but maybe wait for it?

EDIT: Release 2022.5.0b1 · esphome/esphome · GitHub

Check Core Components and the section Changing ESPHome Node Name

I am not sure what the new rename option will do, but it looks like a commandline parameter to esphome.

Thanks. There’s no rush to change my device’s name so I can wait for the next release of core.

Next release of esphome is what I meant.

I’ll be watching for it.

You can install the beta release beside the current release, so you can test the rename action.

it is possible, I did it. Follow the discussion on discord

essentially ESPHome Core Configuration — ESPHome

Not so secret actually, it’s mention in the docs how it works (esphome.io even has a :mag: function) :rocket:

In the upcoming release (beta at the moment) it will be even easier and can be done in one step from the dashboard

I’m running ESPHome in a venv and simply edit the /etc/hosts file for name changes.

# ESPHome temporary IP's for hostname changes esph-sonoff-16a-02.local esph-sonoff-16a-02 esph-og-sz-fl.local esph-og-sz-fl

Thanks, that did it for me, too.
The key for me was realizing that use_address: overrides the name: parameter for IP resolution.

Thanks, but I am risk adverse.

I could have used this in the past, but at that time the device was accessible enough to just plug in a UART. This one would have been more work.

Thanks, but I want to change the device name, not the host ame.