I cannot get Home Assistant to detect and use the Connected LTE Module as a Modem

Hi folks,

I am stuck. I have added a HAT and Waveshare M.2 Module with a Quectel LTE Modem to my HA running on HA OS and RPi5.

Image 1

I can see from my S-IMSY Portal that the modem is working and connected to the Three UK network in the UK (Hutchison 3G UK Limited)

Image 2

Within HA I can see that the Hardware has been detected on the ttyUSB ports.

However, unlike the case of the LTE dongle which I attached to the USB port on the Pi and the HA service was made instantly available to me remotely, the HA is not seeing the module as a modem that it can use for internet connectivity and just work with it.

Does anyone know what the next steps are to get that link made?

When I try to use the terminal connection and the commands on Github and HACS to start a configuration by loading minicom, the apt-get command is rejected. I am not very technical so a lot of that goes over my head anyway.

I am a little restricted as I am only allowed one image embedded in the post.


HAOS is it’s own Operating System and is restricted so that all the pieces work together. If there is no facility to use that equipment, you will not be able to use it with HAOS.
Now it is possible that a custom_integration or add-on or something else can extend that, but you are looking for something in HA Core, that than may not exist.

Take a look at the modems manufacturer page. If you need to install specific drivers for Linux, you’ll likely won’t get it to run on HA-OS.

There might be ways around that, but that would require intensive knowledge of Linux, HA-OS and the modem.