I can't get my Nanoleaf Matter bulbs to connect to my Thread network with SkyConnect

Hi all, I’ve been having problems with my Thread setup since I bought all the components last week. I’ll briefly describe my story and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.

I have a Raspberry Pi 4 running Home Assistant, a SkyConnect dongle, and a Nanoleaf Matter Essentials bulb set. When I first set up the SkyConnect, I set it up as multiprotocol, even though I only intended to use it as a border router (no Zigbee devices). Everything seemed okay until I tried to set up the bulbs and wasn’t able to commission them.

I tried commissioning first through the Home Assistant companion app as a matter device, but there was no success - I got “Thread Border Router Required” (see Imgur link below as I’m a new member).

I also tried to commission through the Nanoleaf app itself. The way this works is that you first connect to the bulbs using Bluetooth and then you “upgrade” them to use a Thread network. Interestingly, it does seem to recognise that there is a thread network, but when I click to upgrade devices to use that network, I get a “no network found” (see Imgur)

Weirdly, the Nanoleaf app does seem to find something, but something seems to be blocking it from allowing the devices to commission. Perhaps there is something up with my network, but I’m not sure.

Recently I tried setting up the SkyConnect only as a TBR by flashing the firmware to Open Thread, I was expecting the setup to be mostly automatic based on the outline here, but I had to install the OTBR add-on and integration, and the Thread integration manually. Unfortunately, this hasn’t solved the problem and I get the same issues in commissioning the bulbs.

I would appreciate some help if anyone has run into similar issues and was able to fix them. Here are a few screenshots that may be helpful in debugging:

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Apologies - try again now above or here: Home Assistant Thread - Album on Imgur

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Any luck getting this to work? I am considering starting a similar setup (but was thinking about a Sonoff dongle instead of SkyConnect). I’m looking around for evidence that people have gotten this working, but so far it’s looking slim…

I have the exact issue as you with a flashed Sonoff ZBDongle-E :frowning:

I ended up trying this too, and indeed got stuck at the “Thread Border Router Required” message (or “no network found” if I try to upgrade from the Nanoleaf app). Has anyone made progress on this? Is there something wrong with my network setup?

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If it were only me having issues I’d probably think about having a misconfigured network, but I’ve seen so many people with the same problem as me and I don’t believe is my network configuration anymore

I MADE PROGRESS! I had to use an android phone and it worked perfectly

Nice! I am getting some valuable insights from the OpenThread folks here…it sounds like they believe the iOS app is missing some functionality. Will continue pulling on this :thread: a bit.

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