I have an entity called 'all the lights'. Earlier this week, Alexa decided to start ignoring it. Can I fix this?

It seems that Alexa has an internal smart home command that can execute when someone says, “Turn off all the nights”. It turns off ALL the lights. I have an ‘all the lights’ entity that only turns off indoor lights, as I want the outdoor lights to remain on.

This has worked for years without issue. This week Alexa has started using this command to turn off everything, even the outdoor lights. Is there any way around this, without changing the name of my entity?

I haven’t run into this exact issue, but I did have a similar issue when Alexa co-opted the phrase “dinner time” last year. Try creating a routine with the trigger phrase(s) you normally use and have it turn off the light group either within the Alexa app or by firing a script in HA. I can’t say for sure that this will work because it depends on how Amazon has defined the phrase/intent. For awhile after they co-opted “dinner time” assigning it as the trigger phrase for a routine would not work, they had locked it out for their use only, but after about 6 months it started working again.

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That’s a good idea. I’ll try the routine. It sure seems like user generated devices and routines should take priority, but I guess that’s why I’m not an Alexa dev.

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This appears to have worked. Thanks again!