I just make a unlimited TIMERS that work online and offline

Since the normal timers relay on market just works offline, and if you set up automation on HA to provide remote control, it only works online.

Of course, you can use ESPHome to make offline automation but each time you need to change, you have to re-upload the code (as far as I know)

So I just program myself timers as an ESPHome project that should fix all those problems. It works offline with schedules saved on an SD card and you can change timers by the UI on the 20x4 LCD character display.

Now you can set timers or Irrigation your gardens

Iā€™m way too lazy to do any config in HA so ā€¦ after you connect this to your HA over MQTT, you should see the switch as relays, the cover as the encoder control, text sensor as a virtual display :sweat_smile: and you are done, no future config in HA needed (but you should have a CSS mode to change the font (like monospace) at text sensor, so it easier to read, but it will come with bugs ā€¦ so you can ignore this idea)

To build this you can simply buy online stuff like mine and a little soldering or event not.

A video should be here

Repo and instruction stay here: GitHub - Cemu0/TimerS_V2: multiple relay timers with wifi