I need a small step of information for my HACS install

I’m on Home Assistant 2021.11.5, OS 6.2. I’ve installed Hacs, cleared cache and there are no errors in logs. When I open the integration I get this:

Open Integrations:

I’m puzzled by the blue button which says Explore and download… In all the youtube instruction movies (also the most recent ones) this button says Explore and add
And when I try to install an integration I don’t get the Install-button only Download:

Obviously there is something I don’t understand and I would really appreciate someone giving me a nudge in the right direction :grinning:

Recently there have been some UI changes to HACS, so that can explain why the wording does not match with what you find on the internet. :blush:

Yes, that was a thought I also had, but the lost Install-button is more important

What do you mean with lost install button?

You download the repositories through Hacs and then you install the integration the same way you install integrations already included with HA. Read the readme for the custom integration you want to install to find out if it can be set up through the UI or you need to do it in YAML :blush:

Great, thanks!

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