I need Protobuf knowledge for a new Devialet Phantom integration

After many requests to Devialet, to help me with an API connection to the Devialet Phantom speakers, I decided to try something else. Unfortunately, my Devialet speakers do not support any IOT platform, so I could need some help reverse-engineering the Android app.
Please check out my repository here!

Here is what I got so far:

  • The original Protobuf files from the Devialet android app.
  • Python protobuf files, generated from the protobuf files.
  • Network discovery working, so I can see the IP addresses and the port number the speaker use to advertise.
  • Websocket connection to the speakers.
  • Transform JSON to protobuf works.

What I need:

  • Transform and use the protobuf files the right way
  • Decode messages, intercepted with Wireshark.
  • Perhaps a way extract the information from the app?