I need to buy a usb zwave

After searching amazon and eBay for a usb zwave stick I found a few different one’s so I thought I would come here and ask what is a good zwave usb stick to buy for a raspberry Pi and hassio. Just want to purchase some thing that will be able to grow with Hassio and my scripting skills

Thank you

Aeotec’s Z-Stick Gen5 seems to be the most common choice around here.

is there a preferred place to buy it from I know some forums get a few bucks if you buy it from an affiliated link

@Dale Where are you based?

If you are US based, I’d find the HUSBZB-1, seems to be in short supply and was actually dried up for a couple months but some additional stock hit the market but is quickly drying up again as the website still shows it discontinued. It’s two radios in one, ZWave and Zigbee and is natively supported by Homeassistant without any extra pieces.

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