I think I locked myself out

Hi. I recently created myself a proper “username and password” user, then removed the “legacy API password” in my config file. I can log in to Home Assistant, but I realised that Hass.io is no longer showing up on the side menu.

Does the user have to be “Owner” to be able to see that stuff? I currently don’t have any users that are Owner.

I’ve been disabling the Configurator and SSH add-ons when I haven’t been using them, so I can’t see a way to edit the configuration. Is there anything I can do to get access to Hass.io back?


Delete the auth files from config.storage, restart and set up a new owner account. Full instructions and file names:

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Thanks. I deleted the files and created the new user. I’m now showing as the Owner, but I’m not getting the Hassio menu item still. Any idea how I can get that back?

Have you tried CTRL + F5 (reload browser cache)?

I hadn’t, but I just did. And I cleared the browser cache, and tried a different browser, but it still hasn’t come back. :persevere:

Ok. It was my fault. I also removed discovery from my config file at the same time :man_facepalming:

I found the answer here:

Thanks for your help.