I want to have a "virtual doorbell popup" for my Apple TV

Basically, I saw that with select doorbell cameras that you could see your doorbell when the doorbell is rung.

I have seen a post showing this but I don’t know how to get it working with my camera.

All I want is so I can use HomeKit to use a button or binary_sensor (ON or OFF) and a camera to have the popup come onto the Apple TV once pressed.

Any way to do this with configuration.yaml or some external custom component?
Example with HomeBridge:

I’m not certain you can do this directly from HA. I had a look at mine (exposed from the Reolink integration to HK using HomeKit Bridge) and I actually don’t see anything in Homekit to trigger off of besides motion. I’m wondering if maybe homebridge exposes cameras differently to HK than HA does. :thinking: