I want to know the integration upload to the difference between HACS and HA Core

I want to know the integration upload to the difference between HACS and HA Core?Thanks

It is difficult to understand your question, but I’ll have a go:

Anyone can submit an integration for inclusion in HACS. You should be careful what you install, though no nefarious integrations have been discovered yet (that I know of). These integrations need to be downloaded (using HACS) and then configured to be used. They can be updated at any time by the third party developers to respond to issues discovered. No documentation is required, though most developers do supply this the quality varies.

Getting an integration included in the core HA application requires passing a code review by HA developers and these integrations are thus held to a much higher standard. There is currently quite a long backlog for review so it may take months. Core Integrations are included within the main HA application. All a user has to do is configure them and restart HA. No downloading required. They are only updated (at most) when a new version of Home Assistant is released (monthly). Documentation is required as part of the code review.

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Thank you for your assistant.

I want to know difference between the HACS integration and core integration ?

All of the differences have been outlined above. Do not open another topic about the same thing again. If there is something specific about the differences you need clarification on then be specific.

·I would like to know if HAOS click device service and then add integration already comes with 2805 integrations that can be added without having to install another HACS to download the integration?

Yes that is exactly what I said above.

Home Assistant OS (or core or container or supervised) comes with all of these integrations that do not need downloading or installing the Home Assistant Community Store (HACS):


Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 13-57-05 Integrations

And there was no need for a new topic for this question. It is directly related to this topic you already started.

Looking at your post history you have asked pretty much the same question repeatedly. Please stop making new topics for this.

Do you mean if all core integrations can be installed using the config flow in the user interface?

No, more and more integrations can be installed using the config flow, but there are also quite some core integrations that require setting up in YAML.

The same applies to the custom integrations which can be downloaded through HACS. Many of those can be configured in the GUI, but others require YAML configuration.