[i18n][it_IT] Removing title case

Hello there,
I saw that some italian strings in HA uses title case (“Fuori Casa”, “Strumenti per Sviluppatori”, “Nome del Gruppo”). While this might be common place in English, it is really not applicable nor nice to see in Italian [1][2][3].
Even some nouns that shouldn’t be capitalized, e.g. HA object names (for example a group of entities is called “Gruppo”) are not proper nouns so they shouldn’t have a capital letter.

Before starting to contribute on lokalise.com (I don’t want to do this just to see my contributions rejected :slight_smile: ), are there any objections to my proposal? Where/To whom can I talk about i18n matters for Italian?

I will also take care of a few translation mistakes I found while using this great piece of software to power my house :heart_eyes:


[1] https://italian.stackexchange.com/a/36
[2] https://www.thoughtco.com/italian-capitalization-in-grammar-2011424
[3] http://www.treccani.it/enciclopedia/uso-delle-maiuscole_(La-grammatica-italiana)/

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