IBS-TH2 with external temp sensor. Can't get data from the external sensor?

The Inkbird integration sees the device but there is no entity for the external sensor.
I can see it via TheengsGateway/MQTT as “IBS-TH1/TH2/P01B-extprobe” but it’s reading is simply “unknown”

Everything else shows up correctly in the Inkbird integration and MQTT

Has anyone got the external sensor working with HA?

Hi @williamsdyyz

I’m using it with several IBS-TH1s, some with, some without the external probe attached, all showing up correctly.

Could you turn on PUBLISH_ADVDATA in the Theengs Gateway settings and post some messages monitored with MQTT Explorer with the manufacturerdata when the probe is connected and when it’s disconnected? Then we might see if and how this needs to be implemented differently for the TH2.

Possibly you might also still have an older auto-discovery entry for your TH2. So you can turn on DISCOVERY in the Theengs Gateway settings, restart the Add-on and see if the discovered MQTT device entry has been corrected. Then turn off DISCOVERY to avoid unwanted additional discoveries of other devices.

@DigiH thanks for the reply. It turns out that when you plug in the external probe the EXISTING temp entity reports the probe data. So it’s working. Weird but true.

Correct, the temperature is always reported under the Temperature property, with the extprobe section being a bollean to indicate a true/false for the external probe being connected.

The humidity is always only ever from the internal sensor, as the external probe obviously doesn’t have any humidity capabilities.