iCloud3 Config to Reduce Inaccurate Location Reporting


I am seeking advice on the iCloud3 integration. First and foremost, the location issue is most important. I will create bullets:

  1. False location updates — how can I stop this? My location reports as “away” and then 20 seconds later “home” without me ever stepping foot outside of my door.
  2. Frequent updates — there is a ton of activity happening every hour, and it’s draining my battery.
  3. Config — I still have the HA mobile app draining my battery as well. So, I have two device trackers. What can I do about this?

Thank you in advance for your help!


Here’s my suggestions based on my experience. These may or may not work for you.

Your issue with false location updates isn’t uncommon. I’ve had this same issue following several HA/IC3 updates. Time and subsequent updates have often resolved the issue. iCloud3 (IC3) does not calculate your location independently. IC3 uses GPS data provided by the HA mobile app to assign an IC3 location. Your Home zone, 100 meters by default, may be too small to encompass the error range of GPS coverage. You could try increasing the diameter of the home zone.

Update frequency is adjustable to some degree. You can investigate options related to HA and IC3. You can also pause IC3 tracking when it isn’t needed. If you examine your battery usage statistics, you may be able to pinpoint the issue. On my iPhone (13 mini), battery usage by app reports HA/IC3 uses 1%. HA mobile app and IC3 tracking run constantly on my phone. If you choose to use either the Mobile App or IC3 trackers as triggers in an automation, you’ll want frequent updates.

Eliminate the IC3 tracker by removing the integration. See if the HA mobile app’s tracker is enough. Developers have invested a lot of time to make the HA App and IC3 integration use as little battery as possible

You’ll fine multiple discussions of IC3-related topics here. You might review these threads to get additional ideas.

Hi Gary, thanks for the response. Like most things in HA, I’ve invested countless hours researching and testing, which is what really led me to iCloud 3. My home range is set to 10m, and I use this to trigger critical automations. Are you suggesting that this is hopeless and I should use some other way/method?

I’ll assume you meant 100m instead of ten. I get 5m to 30m of GPS accuracy “jitter” at my location. Sometimes this jitter can exceed 200m. Lots of RF activity around me.

I was suggesting you move your Home zone diameter out to 125m or 150m to test if your false “Away” status problems decrease. I use a template binary sensor as an additional condition to confirm I’m really Away before triggering an automation. You might try a similar logic, or modify your logic in some other way to have multiple conditions “True”.