iCloud3 v2.4 - An advanced device tracker custom component that is integrated with the iOS App location monitor

Please add me as well Gary!

Did I miss the beta release?

@engeles20 Not at all. I’m taking the first a little slow to work through some issues. I hope to upload beta 3 tomorrow (Sat 12/24) that fixes some bugs, changes a few things and changes the migration a bit to avoid migrating old/not tracked/unused devices that seem to be creating problems.

Keep track of the releases on the iCloud3_v3 Issues Repository here.

Plus, I have company in town over the holidays.


Create some automations on them… so they can go there own way :slight_smile: haha
Just joking…

Enjoy the holidays!!!

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I’m alerted when the in laws are nearby :rofl:

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I should add that to the list of useable items in the feature list. Enjoy the holidays.

Hey Gary,

How do I add the new beta version sensor.icloud3_event_log to dashboard. By old one is still there and its empty … Can’t find it on Github also.

@poudenes When iCloud3 start, it checks the icloud3/event-log-card.js file version with the one in the diretory on the Event Log configuration screen. If a new version is available, it copies the continents to that directory and puts that info in the event log (which you can not see) so I should also issue a notification or a log file warning message. It also checks the Lovelace resources to make sure it is in the list (Devices ^ Settings > Dashboards > 3-dots > resources.

  1. Clear the browsers cache. Then Refresh the screen a couple of times.
  2. Make sure the Lovelace resources is correct. I noticed a little while ago that it might be in there twice, one with a local/custom_cards/… and also with a local/icloud3/… Delete the one you are not using. (This is something I need to investigate),
  3. If it was wrong in #2, clear the cache and refresh

Did you just do an update?
Are the headings displayed but not the activity or is it completely blank?

Yeppppp (storage wars) its always the cache… :slight_smile: How stupid can someone be to forget that option haha

I saw this also. Removed the local/icloud3/resource. I’m running a manual install. Still showing .0b5 in the Event Log.

The icloud3-event-log-card.js lovelace card has it’s own version (right now v3.0.1) which is not related to the iC3 Integration (v3.0.0v5)

Thanks Gary. I’ve found the debug log very helpful.

iCloud3 Event Log > •Current Version Installed-v3.0.1
Restarting iCloud3 v3.0.0b5 > Friday, Dec 30

I’m thinking of trying the v3 beta and just wanted to check I understood the procedure correctly.

I’m already running v2.4, installed via HACS.

So, I presume that I download v3 and overwrite custom_components/icloud3. Then, I restart and add the iCloud3 integration via the Settings → Integrations page, and go through the configurator. Once that’s all done, restart, and then remove the old yaml configurations.

Sound about right?


@DerekO See info about using the beta here

I’ve been using beta and so far i am enjoying it but i have come across two questions.

1). once i setup the icloud3 device should i keep both the original device (the one that the ios app created) and the icloud3 device under a persons tracked devices? “Select the devices that belong to this person.” (under settings-people)…or should i only use the icloud3 device to now track? i notice sometimes on the map 2 trackers show up for the same person and the icloud3 one is the one that updated first

2). if a person doesnt have the ios app install can i not get zone enter/leave triggers using just the icloud3 ?

  1. Ic3 uses the iOS app and iCloud data so the iOS app is not needed in the people settings.
  2. The iOS app provides the zone enter/ exit triggers. No iOS app=no triggers. A short inzone interval (15-minutes) can be used to check the phones location and determine if it is still in the zone within 15-minutes of leaving it
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Thank you for the helpful response. So as I now understand I would have to make an automation using the state change and then using old state and new state triggers

@engeles20 See sample automations here in the iCloud3 v3 docs

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Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere but I haven’t found an answer yet… I’m fairly new to HA and I’ve gotten most of icloud3 working it seems, but I’m having trouble getting the logging to work. I installed version 2.4 of icloud3 from HACS, and this is the version of HAOS I’m running:

Home Assistant 2023.1.2
Supervisor 2022.12.1
Operating System 9.4
Frontend 20230104.0 - latest

I tried setting up the Event Log as described in the documentation, but my HA log just shows errors that include:

[Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/config/www/custom_cards’
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/config/www/custom_cards/icloud3-event-log-card.js’

If I ssh into my HA server and search for directories like www or custom_cards I don’t find anything. Is there some dependency I’m missing? Do I need to manually create /config/www and /config/www/custom_cards? Or am I missing something else entirely?

@brucep Yes, you have to manually create /www/custom_cards directory.