iCloud3 v2.4 - An advanced device tracker custom component that is integrated with the iOS App location monitor

It has a ‘base’ location that is 1km north of the home zone with a radius of 1m so no one will probably enter it.

So, I restarted the Home Assistant.

Go to Map View
Edit Zones
Click the iphone_stationary zone

It is pointed to my friend’s house, which is not 1km north of the home zone.

But, as you said, the radius is 1m, hopefully I won’t enter it again when I go to my friend’s house.

Anyway, perhaps you can add configuration option to disable this stationary zone completely. Because it causes confusion when we have mixed phones, Android and iPhone. The iphone stationary zone could get assigned to the Android phone.

See the iCloud3 doc parameters about the Stationary Zone here. Look at the offset parameter


I would like to say nice update this beta 9.
I updated from 2.4 to 3.0 beta two weeks ago 8b and now 9, no issue.
Except “RESET AND REAUTHENTICATE ACCOUNT > Request a new Verification Code” witch doesn’t work or maybe disable for beta.

Great work.


@FredWst At the moment, “RESET AND REAUTHENTICATE ACCOUNT > Request a new Verification Code” on the Actions menu can not be done from inside the configurator, it has to be done from iCloud3 itselt, It’s kinda confusing but the steps are.

  1. Exit the configurator, you will be on the Integrations page.
  2. The code has been sent to Apple to request a new code but the entry window will not appear on the Integrations screen. You have to refresh your browser. There is no way to do this automatically.
  3. Then select the Enter Verifications code screen and enter the code.

I’ll at a way to make this better.

Also, If you could post questions and issues on the issues screen on this repository rather than the v2.4 forum. It makes it easier for me to keep the two versions apart. Click the ‘bug’ on the top-right corner of the Event Log screen and it will open the issues page.

Using Map, I created a new zone, named “This Cool Place”.

When my iPhone entered this zone, in the entity card, it is displayed as ThisCoolPlace, so without spaces.

Anyone has this issue? Know how to fix it?

On the other hand, my Android phones showed correctly with spaces in between words.

@HA_n00b see display_zone_format: fname parameter in the iCloud3 docs here

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With the release of iOS 16.3 Apple has added the support to use security keys as MFA/2FA. Is this supported/tested with iCloud3 as this option makes a 2FA TOTP obsolete.

No. The physical security keys are used by an Apple device to authorize authentication of that device or another Apple device to the iCloud account. iCloud3 runs under HA so it is the HA device that is logging into the iCloud account, not the device being tracked.

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Likely something simple to solve this but I can’t find the answer:

When one of us is traveling and at stationary overnight in location (eg hotel in another city), I noticed that the person’s entity location is stated as “stationary zone” which isn’t ideal for obvious reason since that’s not a real location.

What’s are the solutions for this?

iCloud3 creates the stationary zone when it detects the device hasn’t moved very much for a period of time. It sets the zone’s location to where the device is where while a true HA zone sets the device to the zone’s location. iCloud3 does not know the address of where it is. It only has the gps lat/long coordinates. When the device exits the zone, the zone is moves back to its base, usually 1km north of Home. The gps of the zone is changed again when the device is stationary at another location.

Each device has its own stationary zone.

sorry I’m not following exactly. Are you saying it’s by design that the person entity’s location is ‘stationary zone’ then in my example travel case?

Yes. The stationary zone is dynamic. It is not a fixed location like other HA zones. It is based on where the device is, not a gps location.

You can turn it off using the stat_zone_still_time: 9999 parameter

Does this integration also provide information on iOS activity? I am looking for something that reports on the activity ie whether the phone is stationary, automotive or walking. I found that the HA app supposedly does this and works well with my wife’s iphone, but not with mine. When my phone is stationary it reports “unkown”. The reason i am looking for this it to build automations based on the automotive status to open the garage door when entering the “zone” and you are driving.

@wgumaa iCloud3 works perfectly for that. I use it to open my garage door and have included example automations and scripts in the iCloud3 documentation. Version 3 is currently in beta testing. Take a look at the v3 docs here. See here for the example.

@gcobb321 Thanks for the info. Any idea when version 3 would be released?

If I install the current version, would it conflict with the current iCloud integration? Should that be removed or do they work together?

The V3 docs talk about the “Beta Install Instructions”, but where can I find the “Beta Install Instructions”?

The iCloud3 v3 docs can be found here. You will find instructions on Migrating from v2.4 to v3, along with a description of the various configurations screens.

The docs were put together in December and there have been a number of new screens, fields, etc. I think the beta is winding down and I’ll recapture all of the screens over the next week, time permitting.

The 2023.2.2 version of HA broke a lot of the parameter fields on the configuration screens dealing with entering times and intervals. I have reworked everything and will include the new code in beta 12, probably on Saturday. I would wait until beta 12 is out before installing/upgrading…

The links for the docs, changes, releases are found here.


You don’t have to uninstall it. The v2 files will be overwritten with v3. v3 will do a v2 migration on the first startup and build the new configuration files. See my note below about HA breaking a bunch of things and wait until beta 12 is out. A couple of people have them both running but I think it is on different hardware or in virtual environments. Everyone else, as far as I know, is running only v3.

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I have the same issue as @sj3fk3.
(I am relatively new to HA - so sorry for potentially limited experience :wink: )
Using HA 2023.2.3

The migration guide from 2.4 to 3 does not help on how to move to the beta version.
When I check HACS, I find icloud3, which is installed (version 2.4). I can only upgrade ro most recent release (which is in place 2.4.7).
When I check the “regular” HA integrations page as mentioned in the v3 docs, I can find icloud3 as well, but only with a message, that this cannot be installed via UI.

So I am confused, which is the right way:

  1. v3 docs:
    " HA Integration - iCloud3 is a Home Assistant custom integration that is set up and configured from the HA Settings > Devices & Settings > Integrations screen."
  2. v3 docs installation:
    "Easy Way - Use HACS:
    Open HACS.
    Select Integrations.

As you suggested I will wait for beta 12.
However, a suggestion how to install beta would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much for your contribution by the way :slight_smile: