Ideas for further home security measures

My home security system is built around seven IP cameras that are continuously monitored by Frigate with the Google Coral TPU running person detection. I use the Frigate add-on in Home Assistant so that Home Assistant can execute a number of automations in the event that someone trespasses on my property.

For example, I have built-in sirens on several of my cameras. If a person is detected approaching my 1st floor windows, Home Assistant tells the nearest camera’s siren to turn on.

Also, if someone climbs up on my back deck, Home Assistant tells a nearby Sonos speaker to blast a wave file of an angry dog barking.

Of course, I also have a bunch of z-wave contact sensors keeping eye over doors and windows that are accessible from the outside.

I’m planning on installing two outdoor speakers so that Home Assistant can broadcast a warning to trespassers that the police have been called. Maybe also installing a bluetooth light bulb speaker in the front porch to broadcast warning to trespasser there. In addition, I’m going to add z-wave motion sensors in the ground floor rooms along with an indoor z-wave siren.

I’ve thought about adding a beam sensor (garage door safety sensor) coupled with a z-wave relay that will trigger when the beam is broken. I was thinking of deploying this as a back to Frigate monitoring the perimeter of my house.

Any other ideas? My house is in a troubled neighborhood. It is mostly delinquent teenagers. Any suggestions on keeping them off my property would be greatly appreciated.

The only thing I suggest is look at the houses around you. Just make sure you have more or better visible measurements then they have. Make it less attractive then your neighbours houses. That’s all.

@frits1980 Your suggestion is good, but unfortunately, I have just completed a historic renovation of the property so it is the best looking one on the block. But I certainly have the most visible ipcameras, etc.

Thanks @KoltenLopez I actually have several ip cameras so anyone approaching my house would have to be a complete idiot to think that they are not being monitored.

I may not need to install an outdoor speaker. I’ve discovered that I can use the go2rtc add-on in HA to stream audio two my two-way ip cameras. So I should be able to get the speaker in the camera to perform this function. Of course, I don’t know if the volume in the camera’s speaker will be sufficient. Keeping my fingers crossed.