Identify internet traffic usage by HA

Recently noticed that my ISP data usage is pretty excessive so on my router turned on traffic monitoring. Looks like 63% of my traffic is coming from the HA server which is just an HA Server. Anyone know any good way to identify in HA what is doing so much communication?

You could try Wireshark on the HA server and see what is being sent

Are you using streaming or still image cameras on your dashboards?

Yes not really NO. I have a camera but it’s just outputting a rotating jpg kept on HA for a mail integration. I did just disable my SpeedTest integration to see if that helps.

Oh yeah that will chew through the bandwidth too (depending on how often it tests).

Runs every 30 minutes though youd never know it as when I search for those entities in the logbook they return nothing. Oddly even thought I commented it out in configuration.yaml still seems like it’s running in my lovelace cards. From a minute ago:


Figured out the SpeedTest. Apparently I originally installed it manually and then later had the install integration thru the GUI. That said I cleared my router logs and up to 250 megs transferred during the day. Guess going to have to wireshark.