Idle zwave devices no longer detect new event

On version 0.97.2, if a zwave device was in sleep mode for an extended period of time (months), and then an event was triggered, HomeAssistant detected and reported the event.

On version 0.102.1, in the same situation (and the device wasn’t sleeping nearly as long, just about a week), HomeAssistant does not detect and report the event.


These are battery-operated zwave sensors. It is occurring with multiple types of sensors, and has been confirmed on multiple setups (3 different RPis with a HomeAssistant installation, using the same type of zwave controller, the same type of sensors, one of which is running HomeAssistant 0.97.2, the other two running 0.102.1).

Does anyone have any idea what has changed between those two versions that would cause this? It is critical for our use-case that sensors that go to sleep do report the first event that occurs, and that was happening successfully in 97.2 and earlier but is not in 102.1.