If I'm home alone, order me pizza!

I shared this one on reddit, but I thought I’d post it here since the Dominos Pizza component should be in the upcoming release this weekend.

Basically, the automation checks at 6:00pm, and if I’m at home and my wife isn’t at home, it sends me a Telegram notification asking if it should order me a pizza and prompts me with a yes/no option. If I click yes, it orders the pizza for delivery.

I’ve gone into more details about the set-up and what the automations look like here:


Picking up where we left off on GITHUB after the warning.

"It’s now 8:40 PM local time, the Dominos card displays as below, the custom panel is still blank, and my local store closes at 2:00AM


Thanks for all your efforts.

Let me know if there is anything else I should check."

Just tried implementing this againg, the Dominos card displays as below, the custom panel is still blank, any ideas?



  country_code: us
  first_name: my_first_name
  last_name: my_last_name
  email: my_email
  phone: my_phone_number
  address: my_address
  show_menu: 1
  - name: Medium Pan
      - P12IPAZA
  - name: Plain Wings
      - W08PPLNW
  - name: Chicken Alfredo
      - PINPASCA

  - name: dominos
    sidebar_title: Dominos
    sidebar_icon: mdi:pizza
    url_path: dominos

Hmm, any errors in the log during startup?

No, no error’s in log.

I wonder if maybe it’s a permissions issue on the panel file? in your config directory the panels/dominos.html is it owned by the same user that Home Assistant runs as, or does Home Assistant have read permissions?

Out at the moment, will confirm later.

I have other panels that work which assume all have the same permissions.