If is_status in markdown

I trie to find it with the search but I dont find it.

I tried to us if it_status in mardown, but it don’t work.

This is the code:

{% if is_state('sensor.ical_adler_mannheim_event_0.attributes.location', 'SAP Arena ') %} 
{{ as_timestamp(states.sensor.ical_adler_mannheim_event_0.attributes.start) | timestamp_custom('%a, %d.%m.%Y %H:%M Uhr') | replace("Mon", "Montag") | replace("Tue", "Dienstag") | replace ("Wed", "Mittwoch") | replace ("Thu", "Donnerstag") | replace ("Fri", "Freitag") | replace ("Sat", "Samstag") | replace ("Son", "Sonntag") }}
{{ states.sensor.ical_adler_mannheim_event_0.attributes.summary }}
{% else %} 
{% endif %}

But although in the attribute stand "SAP Arena " it don’t display me the content.

What I must change in the Code?

Try this:

is_state_attr('sensor.ical_adler_mannheim_event_0', 'location', 'SAP Arena')

See here for more info

Thank you it works