Ifttt, google calendar, automation


I am new to home assistant and find it very interesting. Trying out the many features, but have found one problem that I can’t really see how is done.
I want to automate wake up event based on google calendar entries. So if it is a national holiday, or other holiday then the wake event should not trigger. Every other day it should.
I thought I will be using the ifttt service for this.
Found this topic: Ifttt call automation but unfortunately the link in this topic is not accessible.
I know that I need to create a maker channel recipe. I even read the mock switch option on github. (This could be nice, because it leaves me the manual option as well)

But I do not know, how to decide if today is a holiday or not.

thanks for your help

So I droped the ifttt thing it is not really what I was looking for…
Switched over to gcalcli.