IFTTT is now capping you to 3 applets, time to move on

IFTTT recently introduced something called IFTTT Pro. This includes stuff like running faster, multiple actions and triggers, and filter code, for $10 a month. But now if you don’t pay, they want to cap you to 3 applets max.
Just wanted to share this with anyone who uses IFTTT with Home Assistant webhooks.

I am so sad… We can subscribe for 1.99$ until first week of October.
Or we can find another free valid alternative! Some ideas?

My most used applet is google assistant —> webhook to home assistant. Is there another way to achieve the result? May be with google actions?

With Google Actions, you can trigger scripts with the Google Assistant integration. Move as much as possible over to native HA if you want to have 3 custom triggers for free.

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Wonderfull! Is there any how-to?

For what?

How to add a custom command to google assistant to trigger a script with parameters in HA :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think script parameters are possible, you could create an input_select, and then create an automation to trigger the script when the input_select changes.

I don’t want to say don’t jump the gun… nor do I want anyone to let the gun jump them??? Best phrasing I could think of… Anyway I remember a few years ago when they launched IFTTT “Pro” and there was a subscription for that too and limits and from what I can remember it sounded pretty much the same as the notification that came out today.

Like I said not saying neither stay on IFTTT or leave… well I am saying leave ANYTHING you can take out of the cloud and put in your complete control. Like I just found out this morning I can set up a Tuya/GoSund/SmartLife and whatever else Tuya’s coding is attached to; I can setup a server in home to take them out of the cloud. So yes leave whatever cloud based service regardless if it is for privacy and security or ensuring your home still works when some dumb drunk hits the telephone pole and put it in your control.

Back on topic when I came across that a few years ago after A TON of confusion finally figured it is for the actual developers AND might point towards why IFTTT and Tuya parted ways for a few weeks. I am no business major or financial guru but it would not be in any form possible be benifical to cut their MILLIONS of users off… 3 applets is being cut off… After I found HA I went from 30-40 applets to 10 but still use them. I could be completely wrong but for how simplistic the IFTTT part of the business model is 3 is a realistic number to come up with. Five maybe just cause well it’s “5”. I think if they were actually targeting the “END USER” and not the developers bare minimum would be 10 and a extremely cheap starter plan to go to 50 like 1.99 a year.

I am just putting it out there as a word of wisdom the IFTTT “Pro” isn’t brand new when I crossed it before it was either Beta or just out of it. I am willing to bet this is a sli-of-hand to get people to buy in. At worse I would bet the limit of 3 would be for the more complex applets that leave the simplicity of If this - then that.

I don’t really think any one that has been using IFTTT for more than a few months would pay a subscription for the utter simplicity that is IFTTT. There are other ways to do exactly what they offer. It may not be as clean and straight forward or involve extra app installs but it wouldn’t get the best move to go after the end user so rashly.

a month :frowning:

I was wondering if the limit is 3 applets for each account. So you can spread 10 accounts to get 30 applets ^^

Yup, as long as you have 10 email addresses (if you have gmail, [email protected] might work ) and you’re fine violating the terms of service. I wonder how much it actually costs them to run the servers…

In that case check out simplelogin.io and you can use one address inbox and alias the rest of your ifttt accounts. lol

Sad day… All that typing trying to help IFTTT…

So sad. Now I am glad I made the jump to HA when Tuya had issues.