IFTTT strange behavior

I am having some strange issues with my IFTTT integration. I use it to add google assistant triggers to turn on, open, close items around the house. Well, with the integration change a few releases ago things have been acting strangely.

I have reduced the numbers of these hooks to just a few to get things up and running again.
I have:
Open the Garage door (not the voice commands I use)
Close the Garage door (not the voice commands I use)
Set my movie scene.
the open garage service works very well,
the close garage service is now working well
and the movie scene, um… OPENS the Garage!

I have absolutely no idea why the second and third are doing what they are.

Here is the JSON for each:
Garage open:
{“action”: “call_service”, “service”: “automation.trigger”, “entity_id”: “automation.garage_door_open_ifttt”}
Garage close:
{“action”: “call_service”, “service”: “automation.trigger”, “entity_id”: “automation.garage_door_close_ifttt”}
Movie Night:
{“action”: “call_service”, “service”: “scene.turn_on”, “entity_id”: “scene.movie_night”}

My method is set to POST
content type is: application/json

and I am using my IFTTT webhook.

I have absolutely no idea why I am getting the behavior I am getting, and its pretty frustrating. Any help would be appreciated.

Adding more info from doing some experiments. Even though I am calling the service to open the door or close the door, they are providing same result. If I tell my google assistant to close the door while its closed, it opens it, and if I tell it to open the door while its open, it closes it. Something is getting mixed up. I setup a separate automation to set the movie scene when the command is given, and well it set the scene, but also opened the garage door. I am at a loss.

Please post your IFTTT related automations. And also, please follow the instructions at the top of the page to properly format your YAML code. (Hint: If you use the “Preformatted text” button as shown in the illustration, make sure there is a blank line before the code you’re formatting.)

Thanks for the reply pnbruckner, I figured it out. Guess you think clearer when trying to problem solve in morning instead of at 2am. I went through and followed the data being recieved from IFTTT, and in my automation I had only set the following for the ifttt webhook recieved data.
“action”: “call_service”

Well it did as intended… It activated anything coming form IFTTT, so the garage opened, and tried to close, and then it set my movie mode.

Wow, feel like an idiot, but I figured it out. All is working