Ignoring updates to some hardware

Everytime I restart HA it reminds me that I have an upate to Wled and that’s great except it’s the wrong version of Wled. The version I use is the Sound Reactive and the update is for regular Wled… so the last time I updated it broke my light… so I had to reflash the correct version to get it working again.

Is there a way to ignore an update so it quits asking?

There is an ignore button, IIRC. Didn’t try, but I guess it does exactly that…

I clicked the ‘SKIP’ Button on the last OS update and it never showed again.
Not sure if it’s the same on hardware updates.

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Everytime I restart HA it’s there again so I’m not sure how to get that to stop… I did hit skip but it just keeps showing up…

Also it finally updated itself and NOW I have unhook it again [3rd time] reflash it to the correct bin file so it works as it’s supposed to.

This is WLED Sound Reactive and when it updates it’s updating to the newest WLED NON sound reactive so it quits working…

So somehow there has to be a way to ignore [for good] updating it.