Ikea devices only pairing on channel 15 when very close to USB

I am using a Sonoff zigbee dongle 3.0 with zigbee2mqtt.
There is a lot of interference on channel 11 so i use channel 15 instead.
channel 15 is also needed for other zigbee devices i have because the lowest they go is channel 15
now i can only pair devices when they are incredibly close to the usb, so the lights i already hung cant be paired.
Does anyone have a solution or workaround for this?

Clarification: only ikea devices do not pair

Sounds like there’s plenty interference on 15 as well…

What does the 2.5ghz Wifi look like around your space?

Also any USB3 sources? SSDs?

@HugoDijkstra Just in case you haven’t read about this already, what @NathanCu is referring to is the interference caused by USB 3.0 ports on the 2.4GHz band when the zigbee coordinator is connected to a USB 3.0 port or is in close proximity of USB 3.0 devices such as an external SSD. The common recommendation is to either use a USB 2.0 port for your dongle, or use an extension cable (USB 2.0 preferable) to move the Zigbee dongle farther way from the noise source. I only had USB 3.1 and 3.2 ports on my setup so I just used a USB 2.0 extension cable (I suppose the theory is that it has less conductors in it so less USB 3.0 signals carried right up to the coordinator).

As for the channels, like @NathanCu suggested, you should survey the RF around your home to see where the strongest signals are (on what channels). Then find the best combination of non overlapping wifi channels and zigbee channel for your home.

This might come in handy:

I keep the power on the 2.4GHz band of my wifi as low as possible and only use 20MHz channels to limit interference. Only slow devices or IoT stuff runs on 2.4GHz in my home. I use all 3 main wifi channels - 1, 6 and 11 as I have 5 APs around the house. I fixed the channels used by each so that the coordinator on zigbee ch20 is closest to APs that use wifi ch 1 and 6 instead of 6 and 11 where both APs would cause interference.

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Already did both of those. Its about a meter away from the computer using a usb 2.0 cable and port. I surveyed the rf for about 15 minutes and i lost connection to the devices whenever my neighbors router jumped to 11. On 15 I’ve seen no traffic. The problem isn’t all devices not working. The tuya switches i have work perfectly and paired with no issues as well. its only ikea switches never pairing. As.
The 2 i did succesfully pair i had to physically put next to the receiver, but that isn’t possible for most devices.

I have seen no usage of channel 15. That isn’t the problem. Since switching to 15 the devices that have paired are all non ikea and have worked flawlessly.

Edit 1: Also when i ran zigbee2mqtt on channel 11 it did pair but suffered from interference. On channel 15 they just dont pair.

Edit 2: i live in a small but vertical house. The most my devices will be from the reciever is 6 meters

Based on what. The channel numbers are not the same.

If you are using wifi 2.5 Ghz 1 or 6 then you are slap in the middle of those two and BOTH channels overlap zigbee 15.

The only GOOD wifi channel if you’re on zigbee 15 is wifi 11.

If your not getting pairing at less than 5meters then you have an interference problem.

I do have pairing throughout the house,
Only not using ikea devices.
I paired a device next to one that isn’t pairing.
Multiple of my other divices do pair and controll flawlessly. If there is any way i can check for interference other then just an analyzer i would love to knowbut the interference just doesn’t seem yo be the problem

I get what you mean, there is usage of the channel that is around what i am using, but how can it he that i have perfect connectivity on all my devices accept for the ikea ones.

I might just be an idiot, but i dont see how a device isn’t pairing due to interference even though a device a meter away does pair without a problem. Are the ikea ones just very bad?

Every ikea outlet I’ve paired needed a factory reset first by putting a paperclip in the reset button for awhile. It’s mentioned in the zigbee2mqtt documentation (at least for outlets)


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I did the factory reset using the 6 on off method. This worked while on channel 11, but not on 15

Watch the videos Homeassistant posted showing SSD interference preventing operation of a device only moving the source of interference three inches left or right.

Everything you described is usually caused by interference. I’m still not convinced it’s not. Unless you are using only wifi11 in your installation

Yeah I could see interference still being possible too, especially since the clearest signal is needed at pairing for it to be successful. Combine that with how compliciated these ikea devices are to pair and that is probably what is causing the specific issues with those devices. I don’t have the bulbs but reading the documentation and watching the videos - looks like you need to get the timing of the on/offs EXACTLY right.


What works is to use (very) short “on’s” and a little bit longer “off’s”, where you kill the light as soon as the bulb shows signs of turning on. Start with bulb on, then off, and then 6 “on’s”, wait in the 6th ON state. (If you try play safe and go for 7 “on’s” the reset sometimes fails.)

I have paired them before, It might be interference, but the devices seem to be a bit weird too. they have a special pairing mode that can pair devices to things that are close (Light to button/motion sensor). I get interference is a large issue, but i have held a small battery powered device next to the ikea lamp and that paired just fine. i did everything that is recommended:
Turned off 2.4Ghz on my router, moved the receiver away from the computer its self and there is now a brick wall between the receiver and the computer using a usb 2.0 cable. If it is interference there is nothing left i can do, but it just feels weird that al the other devices pair when they are further away and have worse signals in those locations. i have tried 4 ikea products. these only pair if close if at all as i cant test it for the lamps that are attached to the ceiling.

Ikea zigbee-controller tradfri And most likely all ikea device runs on channel 11, by default

PS: I have Ikea-controller for various ikea lights/plugs , and Aqara for sensors , they goes perfect hand in hand ikea-stuff default on 11 , Aqara default on 15

EDIT: I see you got many good advice above, thou if you will optimize you net, i would suggest wifi 2.4 on wifi-channel 8, then you have zigbee 11 and 15 , so with wifi on 8, you still have a “free” range for either wifi2.4 on 12-13 , or additional zigbee network on 24-26

Thanks for the advice. I currently have wifi 2.4ghz turned off. I have no devices that need it. I probably will just buy the ikea controller