Ikea Dirigera - Available in the US Nov1st 2022?

I read everywhere online that the new Ikea Hub, Dirigera should be available in the US Starting Nov 1st 2022. I went to the store and online and no sign of it for the moment. Has Anyone been able to get it in the US?

I think the keyword here is “starting”.
The store will receive them in the coming days, but not all will have them from day 1.

If Ikea say so, Ikea does so :wink:

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I picked up one in Illinois earlier today. There was a full box of them but it wouldn’t even register at checkout so a manager had to come and manually push the purchase.

@dunk, does it work with HA?

Perfectly! I am using it only for my Fyrtur blinds for the moment but both the blinds and the remotes are detected by the Hub and available in HA.

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Hi seb13, good for you that it works!

Since you posted this in the hardware section, it can help others if you mention in the title that it’s effectively available (instead of asking for it) AND working in HA.